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Complete challenges to attain points. Attain points to impress your friends. Impress your friends to... lol, you don't have any friends, what are you talking about!

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droofe Code_Monkey 11/12/18 08:59
theplen Simple_Pcap_Parsing 11/12/18 08:59
-oNi- Argumentative 11/12/18 08:58
testmastergeneral Hangman_Hardman 11/12/18 08:58
-oNi- Hello_world 11/12/18 08:55
Known issues  Posted: 2018-11-11 13:53:56

Update 3: FIxed the bug on facepalm (if you think you had something, but it didn't work how you thought, try it again).

Update 2: Still troubleshooting the powershell issues. It seems to be localized to just Hello_world. So skip that one for now if you're using powershell. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update: Seems like if you a..

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RunCode Swag Drawings  Posted: 2018-11-10 14:05:24

All, we will be holding random swag drawings throughout the competition (every five hours). To be eligible to win, you must have submitted at least one solution to our site during the previous five hours (it does not have to actually solve the problem and you will only get one drawing submission no matter the number of submissions to https://live.runcode.ninja). Once selected we will contact you t..

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RunCode Tournament Fall 2018 Rules  Posted: 2018-10-31 01:54:52

The competition will begin at Nov 10 0900(EST) and run until Nov 12 0900(EST). The top 10 players will be able to pick a prize out of our prize list. In order to receive the prize you must provide the RunCode team your physical mailing address as we will be shipping you the prize. If you'd rather donate your prize instead of giving us your physical mailing address, we will give the prize of your c..

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